How is the shooting of a project LikeYou – KomToi?


  • an interpreter is required when the family is neither French-speaking nor English-speaking. With the aim of reducing the cost of this service, we appeal to a student who speaks French or English.


  • a single person realizes video recordings (shots, sound recordings) and interacts with the family


  • it is the life of the child in what it has of more ordinary which is filmed
  • several themes are recurring in all the movies of Like You – Kom Toi project
    • access to drinking water
    • access to food, meal preparation, garbage disposal
    • access to education
    • access to health (very difficult to implement)
    • dreams of a desirable future made by the child


  • The filmed moments are only done with the explicit consent of the family. The intimate moments of the family are very rarely filmed.
  • the person in charge of shooting (and possibly the interpreter) lives with the family or nearby


  • the used video equipment is space saving: light handgrip, small-sized tripod, battery powered lighting, NO trailing cables everywhere


  • the stay lasts from 6 to 10 days.
  • It follows the several weeks stay spent by the reporter in the same country. It allows him to deeply immerse with the filmed region.

Once the video produced:

This organization allows to produce a 20 minutes video which shows a day’s life of the child from sunrise to bedtime, with key moments ( meals preparation, school work, games, relationship with a characteristic animal of the region ( or area)…)

The video is presented elsewhere in other schools wishing it and then allows exchanges between other children and families.


Traduction réalisée par GoogleTranslate dans sa version automatisée et avec l’aimable participation de Pascaline POYLO qui en a humanisé le texte final.

Narha apprend à Michel à jouer au jeu d'habileté manuelle mongol
Narha apprend à Michel à jouer au jeu d’habileté manuelle mongol
Michel, sous la yourte avec Jarha, Joorhnoo et Narha
Michel, sous la yourte avec Jarha, Joorhnoo et Narha